Calgary Flames host the Carolina Hurricanes

I attended the Oct 20 game and the only good things I can say about the game are that I was an eyewitness to Johnny Gaudreau’s first goal of this season and that the youngsters like Bennett & Kulak played hard. Otherwise the goaltending and defence were a letdown and the powerplay (statistically the worst in the league so far this young season) was bad. Brouwer scored after a risky pass that could have just as easily been intercepted the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes scored on our broken plays mostly.  Flames struggled to move the puck out of their zone into neutral ice and attack. At least 2 of the Hurricane goals came when Flames were on the PK.

There’s a lot of work to be done her by the coaches and players. Head coach Glen Gulutzan has taken over from Bob Hartley but I’m not sure at this time whether Gulutzan has a really good new system that’s hard for the players to learn or if it’s just a bad system unsuitable for the current roster.

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